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Observations: September 30, 2019

These messages are intended for the collective, but they will not be true for everyone. If they are meant for you, you’ll know. I hope you find them useful.

I suggest reading for your Sun and Rising signs.

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If you’ve been experiencing conflicts in your closest relationships lately, you may find a path toward peace and renewal. For some, “peace and renewal” does not necessarily mean you will remain partnered. It may be that your needs and goals aren’t aligned. If so, take steps to move away from a shared path as graciously as you can. But for others, this could be a time where you begin to seriously examine expectations vs. reality in your closest relationships. Perhaps you haven’t achieved all you thought you would on your own just yet and you’ve put intimacy on hold while you were working on other goals. You are being offered a reminder that worthwhile relationships require your continued willingness. Whatever you feel called to do in the world will not come at the expense of deep connections to others. Your calling will help you sustain those connections. Remember that after the excitement of new relationship wears away there is only forgiveness. Grace. In learning these, you start to lay down what blocks you from trusting. Ego, fear, self-doubt are barriers to being supported. Be brave enough to allow yourself the pleasure of choosing and being chosen.



Something essential to how you’ve lived your daily life to this point is changing. It’s possible there was a significant loss or ending involved and you feel responsible. The energy of this moment is calling to you to evaluate how you would like to incorporate the new knowledge this loss or ending brings. Do this with a view of your life as it could be and not as it was. The fact is you thrive in situations where you can offer meaningful input into building the systems that serve us all. Even in transition, you find a solid sense of purpose. Yes, even you. This shift may involve a new job, caring for an elder, adopting a pet, or re-inventing new ways to use the skills you’ve been building up over the years. Perhaps you hadn’t necessarily considered yourself to be talented in this area. But if you trust, the change you’ve feared so much will offer you great insight into how you can live your life with more pride in who you are and what you do. There is some element of your personality you’ve allowed to go unseen because you felt it was ugly. It isn’t. And feeding this idea contributes to any the feelings of isolation you’ve carried. Know you will be appreciated for sharing more of yourself now.



What do you believe about your art? What is the source of these beliefs? You’re invited to be with the divine in a new way. Whatever you are making is central to your experience of divinity now. All the ideas you have about how to create a world – one that nurtures spirit – are real, Gemini. Any insecurities about your art that arise now may have a great deal to do with how you experienced home (as an idea or as a physical place) when you were younger. If you can or want to, close your eyes and notice what comes to the surface of your skin when you think of “home”. Whether this exercise makes you feel like flying or fills you with dread – there are important questions for your creative practice within it. The questions you have right now aren’t just about exploring the next shining thing. They are a portal appearing in this very specific moment to help you allow yourself more beauty than ever before. Hold these questions under your tongue. Talk softly about your ideas using a new language. Who are the people you can understand you? As you create, trust them to love you through the process. Whatever is supposed to come next is coming fast.


Something or someone is touching you quite deeply now. What kind of gesture is it? A pinch? A pat on the shoulder? This encounter is exposing something about you that you’d rather keep hidden, something you thought only you could know. Perhaps it has something to do with how you experienced a conflict. Maybe with a parent. Maybe a lover. Maybe a best friend of many years. Whatever the situation, to be seen (exposed?) in such a way makes you question your emotional safety or even your bodily integrity. It could be that the thoughts you’re having create a longing within you. To get away or go back to a place where you feel you belong. The challenge is that in order to do this you may need to make a difficult choice between a goal you’ve been working toward and one from your past that you’ve given up. If the past is coming up again now, it is for good reason. What would you choose if you believed that above all else you would be held and kept safe? Decide knowing that you can be.



Who are your familiars and your playmates? They have important messages for you right now. You’ve been so busy the last few months you may not have noticed how much has changed for the people who are immediately surrounding you. The message could be coming from a sibling. Maybe a roommate. Maybe a cousin.  Maybe a new friend.  You might be invited to take on more responsibility in your neighborhood or at school. Perhaps you’ve known this was coming and you’ve resisted slowing down to really sit with the invitation because you don’t want to take on any more responsibilities. If you feel like you’re at your limit, this is valid and should be honored. But if you’ve just been avoiding getting involved because you’re feeling afraid or insecure about conflicts you’ve had in this environment in the past. Know you can smooth all that over now. This is a time to create something with others that reflects what is important to you, what you know to be true. Your ideas matter. So does how you share them. Speak respectfully but speak up.



Coming out of Virgo season you may have achieved more than you thought you would. This moment may call you to appreciate a special gift or blessing that you hadn’t anticipated receiving. The surprise of it all could have you severely doubting whether or not it is a real thing. Or, whether you deserve it. But just because you didn’t see it coming, doesn’t meant it isn’t something to believe in. Please know that this gift sought you out. You specifically. You especially. You. There is so much power surrounding you now and you are being asked to level up creatively in coming days. How you express your gratitude now is an essential part of how resources will flow to and through you. People see a capable leader in you, but only if you allow them to see all of you. Show your work and your process. The errors too. They don’t make you weaker. They make you relatable. You can polish everything up later.



Whatever comes to light now threatens your ideas about independence. How you feel about someone or something laying claim to you or your time puts you on guard. Know that no one can claim what you don’t offer, now. Know that this next phase is one you can do alone if you prefer. But, do you prefer? How can you tell? In the voice of someone close is a vibration that resonates with a low hum inside you. A sound like muses conspiring. This sound is an omen, a signal you won’t be asked to give up too much. Act now on opportunities that recognize your endless capacity for beauty. You don’t just make the art, Libra. You are the art. Only you can give yourself new form. But as you do, decide to stay close to those who stay close to you. There are people who will be as willing to move their hands over your sharp edge as they are your curved ones. Remind yourself what it feels like to be held like that. You’ve spent an entire year making yourself strong enough for this, so don’t stand at a door you brought yourself to and expect someone else to pull you through it. If you’re hesitating because you’re afraid you’ll get lost, you won’t. Seek the low hum and follow it.


Something’s ended. Maybe it was a dream you had but can no longer hold. Whether you received news of this ending or initiated it, you’re left in this moment with the recognition that what you envisioned will not be. It is a heartbreak. For you, the challenge will always be in needing to know why. And, once presented with an answer, accepting it. Failure to accept a decision on its face is a pattern you know well. But what does it offer you? You end up sitting even longer with heartache. But rather than sending yourself down that spiral recognize that there is power in this moment of knowing with certainty that a path has been definitively closed to you. Know that whatever ended is setting you up for your coming season. You’ll most likely begin to feel a palpable resurgence in your energy by mid-October. Releasing responsibility for an outcome will provide you more energy for hopefulness. Feel your feelings but don’t get lost there. Move slowly when you need to but move on.



You may find yourself facing a desire to contribute to your community in more meaningful ways that you previously have allowed yourself. There likely was some financial or material barrier in the past. Or, perhaps self-doubt was creating some emotional distance for you. A well-meaning friend may have caused you to question what you could offer to a project you’ve been wanting to get started. Know that you’re moving through a cycle that helps you to offer your heart in ways you hadn’t even considered yet, but your creativity is required. Consider how to add your voice and the knowledge you’ve gained in the last six months about tactfully addressing conflict. Bring some fresh ideas to the communities you want to become more involved in now. You’re ready. If you don’t see what you envision offered yet, you can always build it.


This is a time that has you teetering between loss and luck. Maybe you feel that this year took more away than you could’ve imagined. As powerful as you are, the challenges you’ve faced have threated a part of yourself you’d always held in high esteem. Trust that this is a time for surveying all that has transpired in order to set new intentions. What you would like to see unfold? Re-evaluate what your legacy will be now. To do this, you need to find a new vantage point to see yourself. The first step could be trying to release pain and bitterness you feel about how you could have behaved better. If you feel that way, it is probably true. You have impeccable standards. However, recognition of your flaws and insecurities does not reduce you to them. Find a way to look at how you have behaved with compassion. This is how you move back into alignment with your goals. They aren’t far off. You will become you again, but you have to look at what you fear you’ve become first. Then, decide again. If it feels like it, I promise you the story doesn’t end here.


There is no greater high for you than seeking a new horizon. If you’ve sensed for a while that you are stepping into your lane in a real way, you are. Other people can also see this and maybe they’ve told you as much. You’re being noticed now for how you approach spirituality and make it more accessible to people in your life. There could be a special opportunity to chase joy or a dream by taking a trip to a new place. Whatever it is, this will be a time for you to embrace a deep longing you’ve been wanting to fulfill in this reality. If you’ve been withdrawn, you can start to inch out of hiding. You have the support and attention of people who can make this happen with you. Just make sure you are sticking to your own beliefs and values in the process. It is an exciting time to explore the divine with people you trust. They will boost your faith and you will boost theirs. Take note of your dreams and write them down.


Ensure whatever you devote your time to now represents your shifting values. If you’ve been thinking of leaving someone or somewhere, the time could be right to do so. And you may not need to return. Seek restoration now. A project that is important to you could receive grant funding or some other material support in the coming days. Enjoy that recognition but know that it will never stand in for validating the work you know you must create. Be loyal to your ideals now and the project will manifest as you envisioned. Review all contracts and commitments before you tie yourself down. Whether you are aware or not, the projects your seeding now will have a hand in your personal healing process. You of all people are not able to separate these goals. And you shouldn’t have to. Question anything and anyone that makes you doubtful the form your healing takes. If you’re asked direct and difficult questions now, don’t say you don’t know what you want. You do know.

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