My name is Alicia Lochard. I live and work in Los Angeles. I was born in Boston.

Vétiver Healing Arts is a project that I started in 2018 to create a bridge between the work that I do as a writer, historian, and teacher with my practice of astrology, tarot, and energy work (reiki).

My belief is that healing is a process of self-study that can be learned and must be created. I study and teach about how violence, oppression, and white supremacy have harmed our abilities to sustain deep connections between our bodies, minds, spirits, and environments. I also study how these same forces have harmed our connections to one another. This is as true for us as it was for our ancestors. So, I study the strategies they used to sustain themselves because we are always building on this foundation.

I study the past as a foundation for healing work, and I use healing work as a foundation for studying the past.

One of the goals of this project is to help everyone I work with in one-on-one sessions to think about their lives as having a creative purpose, that can be tapped into when we begin to recognize and understand the messages our bodies and intuition give us on a regular basis. You can learn more about the services I offer here.

If you are an artist, writer, or healing practitioner, and think our work is aligned I am open to collaborations of all shapes and sizes. Contact me if you’d like to work together.

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My goal in each session I offer is to help those I work with bring body, mind, spirit, and emotion into a balanced state by gaining deeper self-understanding and compassion, while reducing harm to self and others in the process. I try to create a comfortable space for clients to openly share their concerns. The guidance you receive from me will address root causes of issues you’ve identified and will be practical, clear, and delivered with a sense of humor.

I use classical astrological techniques from the Hellenistic and Medieval periods, which I interpret through a modern lens.

I primarily use Regiomontanus house system, though for certain techniques Whole Sign houses may be used.

It’s possible to receive an audio recording of all video conference sessions. Please indicate that you would like to receive an audio recording on your session intake form.

If you need help selecting the correct session or if cost is a barrier to booking your session, please contact me. I have a few options available including payment plans and bartering.

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Tarot Session | 60 minutes | $70 USD

Tarot is an art and practice that helps us learn to recognize, interpret and rely on our intuition through images and impressions we receive from the symbolism of the cards. I work with people in these sessions to help them seek guidance or clarity around life issues or events that are causing confusion, fear, or self-doubt. In session, we can explore how the symbolism of the tarot appears in and impacts your waking and/or dream life. You can come to session with questions or just see what comes up as a message for you.

New Client Birth Chart Session | 75 minutes –  $150 USD

Your astrological birth chart shows you what the sky looked like at the time of your birth.  Decoding the symbolism of the planets as they appeared at your birth can provide detailed insight into your evolving self-care and relationship needs and desires, behavioral patterns, and what you should prioritize if you are seeking deeper fulfillment in life. This 75-minute session can be customized to help you with decision-making, clarifying values and goals, determine directions for healing, and to better understand the timing and meaning behind significant life events. You may also choose to add tarot services to your astrology session for an additional fee, please select the tarot add-on when you book your appointment.

2022 Forecast Session | 60 minutes –  $120 USD

AVAILABLE FOR NEW AND RETURNING ASTROLOGY CLIENTS. Limited time offering. In this session we focus on major astrological shifts for 2022 exclusively. You’ll learn where to place your energy and effort this calendar year, and what might come up for you in the process. This session uses traditional timing astro techniques to provide a bird’s eye view of themes that’ll be relevant for the year, along with some key dates to be aware of in 2022.

Horary Consultation | 50 minutes – $70 USD

Horary is a form of divination where a resolution to a specific matter is reached using astrological symbolism. I will cast an astrological chart and read its symbolism to help bring the matter to resolution. During the consultation I will walk you through my interpretation of how best to resolve the matter and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions related to the outcome and my interpretation. Please note: I will reach out by email to confirm I understand your question and that it is appropriate for horary.

Astro Hindsight Session | 75 minutes – $150 USD

Astrology can be used as a tool to explore the past as well as the future. It can be difficult to achieve peace in the present because of how our past continues to be present with us. This reading invites you to use astrology to examine a time or event in the past. Your birth chart will be evaluated along with astrological timing techniques to explore how you were impacted during that time to guide you in identifying and integrating any useful lessons of that time/event and move toward peace and acceptance.

Follow-up Astrology Session | 45 minutes – $100 USD  | 75 minutes – $120 USD

This session is for returning clients. It may be used to delve deeper into your birth chart or to get a better sense of how the current or future astro weather is impacting you. You may choose to add tarot services to your astrology session for an additional fee, please select the tarot add-on when you book your appointment.

Change of Season Astrology Package

If you are looking to work together on a regular basis, consider buying in bulk. A set of four 60-minute readings can be used to do a deep dive with astrology, or booked throughout the year to check in with your needs as seasons change. Offers client a savings of 20%. Contact me directly for details.

Workshops, Events, and Collaborations

I am available for workshops, readings at events, and collaborations with artists, writers, and healers. Please email me at alicia@vetiverhealingarts.com for more information.

Gift Certificates Available!

You may purchase gift certificates for friends, family, and loved ones! You will have the option to print or email the gift reading once purchased.


Photo Credit: Femi Matti

Deck Credit: Dust II Onyx Tarot

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